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A human beings body is like a machine (engine) that performs the tasks, under certain pressure.

When it’s well maintained properly in good health, it would last longer and do more work; but not forever.

On the other hand, our bodies (muscles) do get damaged and get repaired.A good example to this will be the Sports people, who exercises their bodies and consume a good diet (proteins, carbohydrates and fluids…), which produce some natural chemicals and helps the damaged muscles to grow and repair; which enables to keep the body healthier and physically fit.

Fitness is the ability to live an active lifestyle, which helps the individual to perform certain activities (sports), at a different range of motion and at specific rate of velocity (speed), power and time (endurance). But never the less, being fitness it does not signify that the individual is got a good health.

Health is related to the person’s body homeostatic function to fight against the illness or disease. This can be achieved though a healthy life style, by consuming good diet and supplement.

However, health and fitness training it does not relate to age or gender, other than time and type. For this reason every individual male or female have the ability to improve their fitness target and with a great determination of the regular exercises on bones/joints and muscle loading. This depends on the person’s lifestyle and the commitment applied to keep exercising. Daily energy intake and health balanced diet meals, and any other different types of supplement can produce muscle growth (tone), which helps to maintain body organs growth through regular exercise training and active life style during the ageing time.

They are four Components for Fitness. This includes: Cardiovascular, Muscle Strength & Endurance Flexibility

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