Level 3 Personal Training Course                                               

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Personal Training courses are designed for those who want to learn about the physiology of anatomy; underhand the diet and nutrition as well as the principles of the exercising. You can learn in your own time (distance learning), and our Tutors and Assessors are there to support you all the way through your training.

Our Personal Training Level 3 course is designed for those who want to learn more advanced detailed training, in order to work with different clients.  You will be able to study in this course in the classroom or distance learning. Tutors and Assessors will support you all the way through your training.

We aim to deliver the best service in health & fitness working industry, by providing the best service to the market. We provide all different courses in health and Fitness, and all our Qualification are approved, by ACTIVE IQ. We also offer extra Sports training such as Boxing and Teakwondo sessions to all of my learners.

KCT Academy is recognised as one of the UK’s leading fitness and personal training course providers, providing Active IQ Qualifications. Our focus and USP is delivering fitness and personal trainer courses, delivered by the best tutors in sports, health and fitness industry. The company continues to raise standards throughout the health and fitness industry by innovating learning methods, competitive prices and high quality graduates.

Muscles Action

To contract and Relax



The KCT Academy has become a pioneer of the among-est the UK’s leading training providers. For example; we are the UK’s first training provider to offer a One 2 One learning / teaching method. The first to use active personal trainers to deliver our courses, the first to offer unlimited re-sits for life and the first to break the cost barrier.

All our qualifications are nationally accredited through Active IQ and CYQ and are fully recognized by employers and the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). Courses are delivered through face to face and distant learning styles and offer e-learning platforms allowing students to access the webinars and video lectures. All courses have been developed to enhance your future career, whether as a Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor, or for your continuing professional development (CPD).

”Lastly, we are friendly and helpful to all of our learners no matter your background….”


Our current package offer for both Level 2 & Level 3 Courses



Full – Time Classroom =  £1695 25% off now full Price £1899 for a 8 Weeks Program

Part – Time Classroom = £1450 25% off now, full price £1695
 12 weeks Program

Distance Learning 


Level 2 & Level 3 Package  = £1,295 25% off now full price £1499

Level 2 & Level Health & Fitness  = £599 – 10% off now full price £650   

Level 3 Personal Training only=  =   £795 – 10% off now full price £900

We  offer a zero %  interest free on our monthly payments on all of our courses, in order to meet everyone financial needs.Minimum Deposit required is £200 only to get you enrolled on the leaarning program.
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