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KCT Academy, provides you the best of health and fitness related services ranging from Level 3 National Diploma in Personal training, Sports Psychology workshops (6 weeks short courses), NVQ Level 3 Pilates, Teaching and Assessing level 3-4 and first aid at work training’s for any emergencies etc

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We  provide services to suit everyone from children to elders because everyone needs to take care of their heath.

Our courses are pocket-friendly so that fitness is more affordable for you. KCT Academy offers great facilities and learning material which will help you achieve your needs quickly and safely.

We have a team of highly qualified and accredited trainers with vast experience in health and fitness, boxing, Taekwondo martial art training who can teach you the best of skills. We produce the best graduates so you are definitely in safe hands when it comes to securing a job after training with us! Check the details below for registering and start your journey with us towards fitness today!

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Master Rashid Kato – Centre Manager

Dr Agnieszka Pozniak – Learning Development Manager

Kaz Azim – Tutor & Assessor

Rag Guru – Sales & Marking

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Education and Training Award Level 3 QCF (Teacher Training)

This course is the first step in teacher training and this learning pathway can take you all the way to a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education). This is a nationally recognised teacher training qualification and at the end of this course you will be known as an “Associate Teacher”.


REPs Level 3

Diploma in Mat Pilates

Teach mat Pilates at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels on a one-to-one basis or in group sessions


British Taekwondo Sport (BTCB)

Master Issa: 6th Dan – Black Belt

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Personal Fitness

Personal Fitness in Taekwondo or any other sport, can be assessed by testing the muscle strength during dynamic  static exercises, endurance can be assessed during lasting period of the exercise, flexibility can be tested  through range of movements (degrees angle) as shown on figure two, and the capability speed/power measured at the impact, and also through co-ordination (motor skills) of body and brainpower. However, some of these points can be compared differently, depending on body type individuality

Scientifically, men’s fitness differs from women because of the genetic makeup and the body structure between both genders. The difference between provides a good foundation of the body and stability against the gravitation force placed on anatomy.

In sports history, the highest word record in 100 metre for men has been recorded to be 9.58 seconds, and in female it is 10.49 seconds. This proves that men are compared to have high body mass index than female, because of the height difference. The main difference lies in the fact that men have an abundance of the male hormone testosterone, which stimulates the bones and muscle growth, while women have an abundance of the female hormone oestrogen with high level of fat, when comparing to males.

Men’s training sessions (in the gyms) relays more on upper body strength to developed muscles and a healthier heart with tougher connective tissue, as shown in the diagram one above and women relays mainly on cardiovascular / resistance machines training, flexibility, balletic dances and static stretching routines like Pilates and yoga which benefits them more from protection against osteoporosis, which is less common in men than woman.

In view of the fact that the type of training performed by different gender, gives a higher rate of fitness in terms of health and well-being; but in general men are much more fast (in speed), stronger and in shape to sustain great pressure. In conclusion, this argument of the subject of fitness can only be proved or disproved under the experiment of quantitative study.

Maximum peak in fitness can only be reached for a specific event, but the body and the brain has no ability maintain it for a very long period. Fitness training can only be achieved through allowing the body and mind to rest and recover from the stress and strain being placed on the muscle and joints, in order to avoid delay on soreness of muscle which can result to injuries, joints / bone diseases, depression plus boredom from the type training. During the gap of the resting period of training, the body losses it’s capacity to perform at a high velocity or its maximum fitness peak. At this point, the participant will have to lower the intensity of training, and build it up again. This makes it difficult to determine whether it is possible for the participants body can reach its maximum peak in health and fitness/ physical achievement.

In male and female, there is a relationship between the age group when the athletics body reaches its maximum peak in adulthood. This can be tested under the speed, power and high level of an active lifestyle. From this point, the experience contributes to the knowledge of fitness and training, which help the participant to maintain and improve on muscle strength and brainpower.  Martial art training has been said to be the best type of fitness training and it can be proved to be a life time commitment for the body and the mind.

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