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Physiology  of Anatomy: Skeletal Muscle System

Level 3 National Diploma in Sports Health and Fitness 

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“Sport Psychology”

Human of Anatomy basic back ground

Through our high reputation and favourable terms, working with some of the best training experts in the country, we have successfully realised our mission in Health & Fitness Education.

As a top provider of personal training and health & fitness courses, KCT Academy’s vision has always aimed towards raising the bar throughout the health and fitness working environment. We care about the community and our aim is to support others with passion.

Why Do We Exercise?

In brief, scientifically we exercise to stimulate hormones or hormones stimulation breakdown of glycogen to glucose, also stimulate the breakdown of fat in adipose tissue to fatty acids for energy. In order the body to extract energy from fat, can only be improved with fitness exercising training.
The exercise should be performed in a controlled manner, complete range of motion so as to improve motor nerve control and to avoid injury. Gains are only achieved through the range of movement practised, so any part of the range that does not get trained will not improve in function.

Sympathetic stimulation increases the heart rate during exercising, and the resting heart rate of a trained athlete’s is low, however substantially lower than in less physically fit person (about 40-60 beats/min), since the athlete has a well developed and better equipped to pump more blood per contraction.

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Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness Level 2 or Gym Instructor courses are designed for those who want to learn about the physiology of anatomy, underhand the diet and nutrition, types of exercises, the principles of the exercising…

You can learn in your own time (distance learning), and our Tutors and Assessors are there to support you all the way through your training.

Personal Training

Our Personal Training Level 3 course is designed for those who want to learn more advanced detailed training, in order to work with different clients.  You will be able to study in this course in the classroom or distance learning. Tutors and Assessors will support you all the way through your training.

Body, Mind and Soul:

Pilate described the body and mind should be in controlled of the body, or the body should be in control of the Mind. Pilate described that; they should be in balance with each other.  However, Mr. Pilate also believes that, with this knowledge and understanding, we cannot live life to its fullest, in terms of duration and contentment.  We can now see the people physical suffering diseases with every generation.  By making changes on the Lifestyle, this has shown massive differences in people’s health, and physical fitness.

Assessing Courses

NVQ Level 3, work based qualifications were introduced by Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) following a review of the National Occupational Standards for Learning and Development and after extensive consultation with the sector.

This is a distance learning course, and you will also turn up for the practical (Micro Teaching) in the Classroom at the Learning centre. in London.

Teachers Training Level 3 & 4

If you’re considering a career in teaching, or would like to update your teaching skills, this course will help you achieve your goal.

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF) is the first step towards becoming a professional teacher
Learn in a supportive environment with face-to-face classroom training sessions.
Gain an understanding of basic teaching techniques.
This course is set in a general teaching context and open to all.
Course program is a Distance Learning only and you will turn up for the practical     (Classroom Teaching) at the Learning centre in London.

Renewable Energy

This an NVQ Level 2-3 qualifications for learners aged 16 and above and is suitable for use within a Study Programme. This qualification provides learners with an introduction to renewable energy sources, principles and generation and prepares them for work in a renewable energy Engineering environment.


First Aid at Work

Millions of people are hurt or killed from injuries every year because adequate and timely assistance is not provided. Effectively, first aid reduces deaths, injuries and impact during disasters and daily emergencies. It provides an immediate response to an emergency, taking life saving measures until professional help arrives.

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About us

KCT Academy, provides you the best of health and fitness related services ranging from Personal training.

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Head Office

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Why Choose KCT ACADEMY Courses

KCT ACADEMY was  previously known as SEEBHEALTH (Sports Exercise Engineering Bio mechanics),  which started in the year 2011.

We are the Biomecanics of Sports and Exercising and we  have a great passion of what we do, and we can help you to achieve your needs. We have spend a number of years carrying out a research in both Sports, Health and Fitness, mainly under the Technique of exercising.

We also consistently conducting studies on illness and diseases in the community, in order to make improvement in health and Fitness well-being.

We have worked with all work of life and I am sure we can help you today.

We Are an Approved Centre and  All Our Qualifications Are Provided By:

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We offer more support and we have a great facilities and learning material which will help the learners achieve their needs quickly and safely.

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"It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease.

"It was amazing studying my Personal Training course with you KCT ACADEMY, and I can not thank you enough for all the support you have given to me and other course mates. I will be back to do the Teaching course in the near future.

"It was a great pleasure meeting a such friendly team, you made me feel very welcomed"